A clunky name, but the purest of putting surfaces.

Slit Film construction makes the sand-filled Best Golf Green Turf the premier putting turf on the market, but its appeal is really in how it reacts to shots from off the green.

While traditional “carpet” style greens are great for practicing your knee knocker putts and working on just your flatstick, they are extremely sub-optimal at handling chip shots. They tend to bounce balls off the surface like a summer day at Winged Foot.

But our Best Golf Green turf is designed not only to roll well, but to receive chips and pitches like a real green.

Almost 9-lbs of infill sand PER FOOT go into this product, turning a 1-⅛” length blade into a ⅛” blade. From there, we roll the surface until it’s pure enough to make Augusta blush.

All this is done to give your ball cushion for chip and approach shots. Paired with a 5mm impact pad under the surface, we can create a backyard green that will hold a shot from 180-yards, and allow chips to check and spin.

Now, you may not have 180 yards to hit in from, but the benefits are all the same when you’re practicing your chips shots from all over your backyard.

A record low round doesn’t come from making 40’ putts from all over the green; it comes from wedging it close and making more 4’ putts for par.

Why build a green that doesn’t let you practice both?