We love our dogs in Texas, don’t we?

But the 4-legged members of the family don’t seem to appreciate a mud-free space (either indoors or out) the way we do.

And for that reason, we developed Pet & Play Turf.

Standing at 1.25” tall and featuring the same blades as our ever-popular C-60 product, this Bermuda-inspired turf is designed to give more durability for your pet and high-traffic play areas without sacrificing an aesthetic appeal. It’s a true “have it all” type of product.

We love installing this product in smaller, urban areas where foot and dog traffic is concentrated, or in pet kennels where animal traffic is maximal.

Or at your place of business. Or your kids’ play areas. Or, well, just about anywhere. As you can see below, its uses are endless, and its appeal is infinite.