Unveiled in early 2021, Texas Tan-73 has fast become our favorite turf in the Grass!365 arsenal. 

Featuring 73 ounces of beautiful wave and single-vein artificial turf fibers, this beautiful turf is designed to emulate the light green and tan colors us Texans are accustomed to with real grass, with all the benefits of going with synthetic turf.

As you’ll see below, the tan yarn strands blend in with the green Wave-shaped fibers to create a lighter, much more natural color for your yard. And at 73 ounces per square yard and 1.75” of length, this turf has a dense and supportive construction with plenty of bounceback that still allows for a softer feel under foot.

While other manufacturers and installers are still peddling olive green turf that will scream “fake” from the second it’s rolled out, we are focused on providing you with the most natural artificial turf in Texas.