What do you when you love golf, have lots of land and loads of buddies who want to mercilessly rouse each other after every shot?

You build an epic, epic, EPIC artificial grass private par 3 course.

IntelliTurf of Dallas was commissioned to put together this amazing synthetic grass golf green–or golf course, really–in way-out Eustace, Texas, and IntelliTurf of Texas lent a hand (and some Bobcat skills) to get the job done.

The result is, as we said, epic.

We built out a 3-tier, roughly 2400-sq ft green, with 1600-sq ft of our 60 ounce C-shaped Turf for the fringe, complete with 9 cups, giving the owner and his group putts as long as almost 60-feet.

The owner of this 160-acre plot didn’t want a green for practicing 5-footers with his flatstick, but rather, a fun par-3 that requires creativity, shot shaping and THEN a solid stroke just to make 3. At his request, some wicked breaks were put in between tiers, and when this green settles in he plans to get it rolling as fast as 13 on the stimpmeter. Downhill sliders will make players sweat like they’ve got a putt to win the Masters.

We installed 9 tee boxes surrounding it from all sides, including 2 across his stocked lake, 1 from a peninsula in the lake, and 1 on his dock that plays to about 160-yards. Shots range in length from 70 yards to about 180, and the dock tee can be moved to anywhere on site, because the client said he wants the option to torture his friends with a forced-carry 220-yarder from the far side of the lake.

We installed two drop zones, too. You know, just in case.

The biggest advantage to how IntelliTurf builds our greens is that they will actually hold a shot at these long distances. Shots will perform, bounce, spin, check and release as though you were playing a perfectly-manicured natural grass country club. You’ll just never have to clean mud off your ball.

The green will react as a real grass green would, save for the divots of course, and using tiers to provide a backdrop for shots coming in too hot helps keep balls in play. We utilize an impact pad below the turf surfaces, which helps slow the ball, as well as A LOT of infill sand. Using about 7-lbs PER SQUARE FOOT of silica sand and antimicrobial green top dressing, we can manipulate the surface to roll smooth but more importantly, control the speed. It will roll at about a 9 on the Stimpmeter off the bat, settle into around a 10, and can be taken to just about any speed you’d like. A certain Tour winner whom owns an IntelliTurf Artificial Grass green reportedly keeps his rolling no slower than 13 on the Stimpmeter to prep for major events.

This particular installation was a blast to put together, and for the golfers at IntelliTurf, inspirational for sure. Who wouldn’t love to pile the kids, your friends and their kids, into the car, get out of the city, and have a blast hanging around and playing golf all weekend?

Whether you have 160 acres or 160 square feet, contact IntelliTurf of Texas and make your Austin, San Antonio or Hill Country golf dreams come true.