Texas Finest Backyard Putting Greens

We are golfers.  With a history of over 20 years of building golf greens, Grass!365 is the one company you should compare all others.  We install the best backyard putting greens available.

There are numerous surfaces that can be installed to create an awesome backyard putting green.  Grass!365 has multiple options but we excel designing and installing golf greens that can hold a shot and play like natural grass.

How a Natural Grass Green works –

A natural grass golf green whether bermuda or bent grass all have a root zone for the grass to grow, stay health and survive.  This root zone is normally 12 to 18 inches depending on the surface.  The root zone is full of what is called “Greens Mix” which is a mixture of sand and other material to help the natural grass thrive.  This greens mix zone is what allows a golf shot to react the way it does when you hit into a green.

How Grass!365 Golf Greens work –

So how does this root zone translate to our backyard putting greens?  We install a synthetic turf that is over 1 inch tall and completely fill it with a specific round sand that mimics the root zone of a natural grass golf green.  The sand, unlike angular bunker sand, is round.  The shape prevents the sand from becoming too compact over time so the green will always hold a golf shot and react like a natural grass green.

We go one step further and install what we have termed an “impact pad” between the turf and the base.  This pad give the sand room to move when a ball impacts the surface of the green.  For 20 years Grass!365 has installed golf greens this way that cradle a golf ball when impacting our surface.  The sand and impact pad create the same reaction that exists on championship natural grass greens.

How fast?

Grass!365 Sand Filled Greens get real fast.  They putt smooth with a true roll and over time will reach lightning fast speeds.  We like to install greens around 8-9 on the stimp meter and they get much faster over time.

How long?

An awesome short game practice area can be installed in about a week of good weather.   Most backyards take 1-2  days to remove what is currently in the area, use fill dirt or our base material to create the undulations and slopes.  The base installation take 1-3 days depending on the size of the installation and our access.  The turf and sand fill portions are also 1-3 days.  All of this is predicated on good weather, but as we all know, Austin is normally a great weather town.

Next Steps?

Alex Kroviak is the Grass!365 of Austin local Grass!365 owner.  Give him a call to discuss budgets and timing.  We provide you with designs and budget numbers to help you make the best choice for a backyard putting green of your dreams.

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