Our friends at Cantegra Development had an issue with one of their newly completed homes in the Brentwood neighborhood.

Not the house itself–that was perfectly done, but the layout was missing something: a dog yard.

The proud owner of a new beautiful modern house and the dog father of an energetic Golden Retriever, the new owner wanted a dedicated dog play area that would be easy to clean. To satisfy this need, we installed our proven 60-C turf over the existing gravel yard (with our unique 2-step base-building strategy). This strategy creates a cost-effective lawn that drains like a tub, and looks good enough to complement Cantegra’s beautiful spread.

With a turf drainage rate of 300 inches/hour and this two-stage base, our build-outs are proven to be perfect for dog runs, yards and puppy pads that can knock owners off their feet.

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