“IF YOU BUILD IT…” Mega Golf Green Playland in Marble Falls


When you have 50 acres, a 20 minute drive to the nearest gas station, and an ever-growing gang of in-laws and grandchildren, you have a dilemma: How do you keep the whole family busy? You build this, of course. This mega playland was dreamed up by our great clients, and our friends at Sport Court [...]

“IF YOU BUILD IT…” Mega Golf Green Playland in Marble Falls2022-03-11T18:12:33-05:00

What is artificial turf infill sand and why does it matter?


Artificial turf needs infill–and plenty of it–to look good for its expected lifespan. What is infill? Allow us to explain. After turf has been cut, seamed and secured down, the final step is infill. Rounded infill sand is spread over the turf surface and then brushed down into the base of the fibers, thereby supporting [...]

What is artificial turf infill sand and why does it matter?2022-03-11T17:24:21-05:00

Pet & Play Turf Retreat in the Barton Hills


A full overhaul of the house turned this beautiful Barton Hills ranch into a spread fit for Architecture Digest, but 2 years of construction also led to a mudpit out back. Thankfully, turf from Grass!365 was there to tidy things up. This 1100 square foot run–for both family dogs and sugar-fueled children–is now clean and [...]

Pet & Play Turf Retreat in the Barton Hills2022-03-11T16:42:06-05:00



A clunky name, but the purest of putting surfaces. Slit Film construction makes the sand-filled Best Golf Green Turf the premier putting turf on the market, but its appeal is really in how it reacts to shots from off the green. While traditional “carpet” style greens are great for practicing your knee knocker putts and [...]

A FORMAL INTRODUCTION: Best Golf Green Turf2022-03-11T16:35:51-05:00



We love our dogs in Texas, don’t we? But the 4-legged members of the family don’t seem to appreciate a mud-free space (either indoors or out) the way we do. And for that reason, we developed Pet & Play Turf. Standing at 1.25” tall and featuring the same blades as our ever-popular C-60 product, this [...]

A FORMAL INTRODUCTION: Pet & Play Turf2022-03-11T16:29:56-05:00



The stellar, beautiful and all-purpose turf upon which our business is built, C-60 is our most popular and best-selling product. Featuring a “C” blade shape, it’s designed to emulate bermuda grass in its looks, and the semi-cylinder shape gives it loads of durability without being “spiky” under foot. At 60-ounces (face weight) per square yard, [...]

A FORMAL INTRODUCTION: C-60 Turf2022-03-11T16:37:09-05:00



Unveiled in early 2021, Texas Tan-73 has fast become our favorite turf in the Grass!365 arsenal.  Featuring 73 ounces of beautiful wave and single-vein artificial turf fibers, this beautiful turf is designed to emulate the light green and tan colors us Texans are accustomed to with real grass, with all the benefits of going with [...]

A FORMAL INTRODUCTION: Texas Tan-73 Turf2022-03-11T16:37:28-05:00

Checking in at Anderson High


In 2015, Grass!365 was called upon for a very special project. A local donor, whom had graduated from Austin's Anderson High School, as had his sons, wanted to give the student body something unique: a completely synthetic area for all to enjoy. With that, the Grass!365 team got to work laying down thousands of feet, [...]

Checking in at Anderson High2022-02-21T09:38:51-05:00

Barton Creek Dream Green


What do you do when you got a golf itch and a short walk to your backyard? You build a golf green with Grass!365, duh. Our artificial turf, sand-filled putting green is the best surface in the business for realistic, shot-holding short game shots, and the ability to dial the stimp meter speed up to [...]

Barton Creek Dream Green2022-02-21T09:24:54-05:00

From Rocks to Rockin’ in Rosedale


Modern landscape and rocky xeriscaping may be all the rage, but it isn't exactly the best place to raise a puppy. Two new homeowners found themselves in quite the predicament when they realized their gravel backyard wasn't gonna work for their incoming Goldendoodle. We took care of the situation (as we often do) with our [...]

From Rocks to Rockin’ in Rosedale2020-05-15T08:38:23-04:00
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