“IF YOU BUILD IT…” Mega Golf Green Playland in Marble Falls


When you have 50 acres, a 20 minute drive to the nearest gas station, and an ever-growing gang of in-laws and grandchildren, you have a dilemma: How do you keep the whole family busy? You build this, of course. This mega playland was dreamed up by our great clients, and our friends at Sport Court [...]

“IF YOU BUILD IT…” Mega Golf Green Playland in Marble Falls2022-03-11T18:12:33-05:00



The stellar, beautiful and all-purpose turf upon which our business is built, C-60 is our most popular and best-selling product. Featuring a “C” blade shape, it’s designed to emulate bermuda grass in its looks, and the semi-cylinder shape gives it loads of durability without being “spiky” under foot. At 60-ounces (face weight) per square yard, [...]

A FORMAL INTRODUCTION: C-60 Turf2022-03-11T16:37:09-05:00



Unveiled in early 2021, Texas Tan-73 has fast become our favorite turf in the Grass!365 arsenal.  Featuring 73 ounces of beautiful wave and single-vein artificial turf fibers, this beautiful turf is designed to emulate the light green and tan colors us Texans are accustomed to with real grass, with all the benefits of going with [...]

A FORMAL INTRODUCTION: Texas Tan-73 Turf2022-03-11T16:37:28-05:00

Small Turf Sanctuary in Mueller


Mueller may not have not the biggest lots, but its plots do have lots of room for improvement. An unplanned puppy addition meant one cool couple was in need of some play & potty space, so our Performance Pet Turf was the move. Add in some Envirofill pet infill sand, and this little space is [...]

Small Turf Sanctuary in Mueller2022-02-21T09:26:27-05:00

Home Slice Pizza Gets a Fresh Serving of Turf


"The neighborhood babysitter" as it has become known, the bermscape at Home Slice Pizza's North Loop location sees more than its fair share of traffic. As in, 40-60 kids at a time, for hours on end. That's... a lot of kids. Having had artificial turf installed from the moment this location opened in 2017, Home [...]

Home Slice Pizza Gets a Fresh Serving of Turf2022-02-21T09:28:02-05:00

PGA Tour, Here We Come


Mr. Z might not be much of a golfer, but his grandson is currently tearing up the Central Texas Junior golf circuits. So, he did what any loving grandpa would do: he turned a burnt-out piece of unused Hill Country backyard into a practice green fit for a future Tour Star. With our signature Slit [...]

PGA Tour, Here We Come2022-02-21T09:35:56-05:00

The One Thing Missing…


Our friends at Cantegra Development had an issue with one of their newly completed homes in the Brentwood neighborhood. Not the house itself--that was perfectly done, but the layout was missing something: a dog yard. The proud owner of a new beautiful modern house and the dog father of an energetic Golden Retriever, the new [...]

The One Thing Missing…2022-02-21T09:40:55-05:00

The Highest (Quality) Turf in Texas


It is possible to have your cake and eat it, too. High-rise, urban living presents a lot of walkable entertainment, stunning views of Austin, and of course, the ease of lawn maintenance. But what do you do when you miss having a lawn for lounging and entertaining on? You call Grass!365 for balcony turf, of [...]

The Highest (Quality) Turf in Texas2022-02-21T09:44:59-05:00

Welcome to DogTown


"Our dogs definitely live better lives than we do." Two Georgetown, TX, dog-lovers found themselves in a conundrum recently. They had a new home with a custom dog run, complete with a canine entrance to their laundry room and 24/7 dog-watching cameras, and two amazingly friendly pups. What they didn't have? A truly usable space. [...]

Welcome to DogTown2022-02-21T09:52:43-05:00

Shade-Proof, Dog-Proof & Life-Proof Lawns in 78704


Ah, yes, the age-old Austin problem. A beautiful old-growth trees overhangs the yard, providing a break from the never-ending heat, and completely eliminates any chance of natural growth. So we provided a new-age solution. This beautiful 78704 home's owners chose Grass!365 to provide a natural look artificial grass solution to their problems. Their side yard [...]

Shade-Proof, Dog-Proof & Life-Proof Lawns in 787042022-02-21T09:54:04-05:00
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