Poolside Pup Playland


Pools: Awesome. English Bulldogs: Awesome. Reducing your grass yard to about 170 square feet for your English Bulldogs to play and well, poop, in: Not awesome. Thankfully, our Value Pet Artificial Grass is designed for small, high-traffic areas that are destined to get plenty of pup action. This small, poolside petland was covered in our [...]

Poolside Pup Playland2022-02-21T09:58:32-05:00

Downtown Views with a Delightful Green Touch


One south Austin couple had a dilemma. They got their dream house not far from downtown, with entertainment options all around, but unfortunately no green space–real or artificial. What they did have, though, was an amazing rooftop lounge with downtown views. The solution: Grass!365 synthetic grass solutions, of course (Sensing a theme here?). Because weight [...]

Downtown Views with a Delightful Green Touch2022-02-21T10:06:58-05:00

Dirt to Deluxe in Tarrytown


Everyone loves a good tree, right? They provide oxygen, are beautiful, and give a great break from the blasting Texas sun. But they are terrible for growing grass. Unable to grow real grass under their delightful aged oaks (and with three very active school age kids and a yellow lab), one lovely Tarrytown couple made [...]

Dirt to Deluxe in Tarrytown2022-02-21T13:11:47-05:00

Artificial Grass Makes for Real Golf Heaven: Private Par 3 Course


What do you when you love golf, have lots of land and loads of buddies who want to mercilessly rouse each other after every shot? You build an epic, epic, EPIC artificial grass private par 3 course. IntelliTurf of Dallas was commissioned to put together this amazing synthetic grass golf green–or golf course, really–in [...]

Artificial Grass Makes for Real Golf Heaven: Private Par 3 Course2022-02-21T13:24:37-05:00

From Zen to Win: Travis Heights Backyard Lounge


A local homebuyer had a predicament. He had just bought a new home in the coolest neighborhood in Austin, but it had one flaw: the gravel zen garden out back was peaceful, but borderline useless for his dogs and friends. Enter IntelliTurf. As part of a backyard overhaul the first week he, his wife and [...]

From Zen to Win: Travis Heights Backyard Lounge2022-02-21T13:20:48-05:00

Grey to Green: A Modern Austin Masterpiece


The housing market in Austin is a-booming, with big new homes going up on seemingly every street city-wide. The downside? More home means less yard. And while xeriscaping is a great low-maintenance option, it's hard for the little ones to run around on gravel (and dangerous). Aaand here we come. We turned this brand new, [...]

Grey to Green: A Modern Austin Masterpiece2022-02-21T13:25:27-05:00

Grab Your Favorite Putter (And Your Favorite Toys)


3 kids under 5 and a golf habit rarely go hand in hand, but for one SW Austin couple, we made playing better possible. Working with a local landscaping team who built a tremendous limestone retaining wall, IntelliTurf delivered on an almost 1800 square foot yard with a putting area that makes short game practice [...]

Grab Your Favorite Putter (And Your Favorite Toys)2022-02-21T13:31:29-05:00

Senior Living Goes Green


IntelliTurf of Texas was recently given the opportunity to turn a rundown senior center lawn into a yard for all ages and activities, and turn it around we did. In just a matter of days, we turned this North Austin area from a mudpit into a useable area for the wonderful staff and seniors making [...]

Senior Living Goes Green2022-02-21T13:33:47-05:00

Small Yard. Big Difference.


IntelliTurf of Texas recently made over a local veteran's yard, and the results are major. Struggling with getting grass to grow under a fully-grown tree that provided awesome shade but awful conditions for real grass (sound familiar?), this lifelong Navy vet has re-sodded four-times before realizing IntelliTurf was just the ticket. We installed our fan-favorite [...]

Small Yard. Big Difference.2022-02-21T13:13:02-05:00

South Austin Backyard Transformation


The best thing about beautiful Texas Oak trees? The shade they provide. The worst thing? Also the shade. Add in two large dogs with plenty of energy, and one South Austin couple found themselves with more dirt than grass in their backyard. IntelliTurf Artificial Grass to the rescue. We worked with the homeowners to provide a [...]

South Austin Backyard Transformation2022-02-21T13:32:46-05:00
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