One south Austin couple had a dilemma. They got their dream house not far from downtown, with entertainment options all around, but unfortunately no green space–real or artificial. What they did have, though, was an amazing rooftop lounge with downtown views.

The solution: Grass!365 synthetic grass solutions, of course (Sensing a theme here?).

Because weight and drainage are top tier concerns with a project like this, we chose a short, high-traffic turf originally designed for pet use, and installed a specially-designed drainage layer underneath. While installing the grass with epoxy straight to the surface would technically work, this two-stage installation drains like a sink and adds many years to the life of the turf. Additionally, we recommended this turf because it’s short, dense blade design requires less infill sand (and therefore weight) to keep its synthetic grass blades upright.

The couple–and their growing family–love their new artificial grass-covered space, their view and of course, life on top!