Everyone loves a good tree, right? They provide oxygen, are beautiful, and give a great break from the blasting Texas sun.

But they are terrible for growing grass.

Unable to grow real grass under their delightful aged oaks (and with three very active school age kids and a yellow lab), one lovely Tarrytown couple made the move to IntelliTurf artificial grass. In just over a week (Thanks a lot, random Texas weather), we turned their big brown mess to a great green lawn. Our always-popular 60-ounce C-shaped artificial grass, complete with DuraFlo-backing and Summer Seasoned coloring for cooler temps, was installed. As for base prep, we went with a two-stage process that though more time-consuming, ensures drainage will NEVER be a problem, even when summer storms pour and all that shade slows evaporation.

We pride ourselves on delivering perfect lawn installations, and your lawn could be next. Give us a call or shoot us an email and get your lawn ready for spring.