When you have 50 acres, a 20 minute drive to the nearest gas station, and an ever-growing gang of in-laws and grandchildren, you have a dilemma: How do you keep the whole family busy?

You build this, of course.

This mega playland was dreamed up by our great clients, and our friends at Sport Court of Austin executed the painted slab pickleball court to perfection, clearing the way for us to do our thing.

When working on the design phase of the project, we asked the client to tell us about his golf game.

“I don’t really play, but my son-in-law loves it.”

Could a golfer marry into a better situation?

We delivered a 45 x 25 green, with roughly 2500 ft of our C-60 fringe grass, including a 5’-wide landing zone around the court, and three tee boxes spaced at 25, 35 and 45 yards. 6 cups were installed, with custom flagsticks highlighting some of the family’s favorite destinations.

Our Best Golf Green turf was used for the surface, of course, delivering a green that will receive and hold golf shots from all over the property, since a prime use for this project will be boys trips with lots of gambling on golf.