Mr. Z might not be much of a golfer, but his grandson is currently tearing up the Central Texas Junior golf circuits. So, he did what any loving grandpa would do: he turned a burnt-out piece of unused Hill Country backyard into a practice green fit for a future Tour Star.

With our signature Slit Film putting surface, we were able to create a realistic green that not only rolls true, but can be fine tuned for speed as the youngest golfer advances in skill and gets ready for faster greens at the Varsity level. While we can turn down the speed to 8 on the Stimpmeter or even slower, we can also dial it up to almost 14.

We brought the green up to almost level, providing around 3% of slope with some interesting undulations, 4 cups, and of course, an extended chipping plateau to help the young player work on those touchy greenside chips.