It’s rare that owning a business and having a one-year old combine to playing good golf, but this Lakeway links addict wasn’t content to let his game slide. So of course, a backyard short game facility was the only option.

With a long and lean yard, we positioned his green for the longest possible wedge shot, seeing as good golfers know that tight matches are won from within 50 yards. Installed is our slit film, sand-filled golf green; a must for golfers looking to improve their short game. This special turf is designed to hold shots with a realistic reaction from as far as 180-yards, while still rolling as pure as can be. 4 cups were installed, giving this homeowner a variety of breaks and realistic putts he’ll see while battling for the club championship at his nearby Steiner Ranch country club.

He’s happy, his short game is happy, and his competition is scared. Mission: accomplished.