A full overhaul of the house turned this beautiful Barton Hills ranch into a spread fit for Architecture Digest, but 2 years of construction also led to a mudpit out back.

Thankfully, turf from Grass!365 was there to tidy things up.

This 1100 square foot run–for both family dogs and sugar-fueled children–is now clean and green year round. And as the flattest part of the property, it will certainly get loads of use. We used our 1.25” Pet & Play-55 Turf to give the kids a space to run at will, and its high traffic design will keep this artificial turf standing tall for years to come.

If you’ve got a long and narrow area yard with channeled foot traffic, go with Grass!365’s synthetic turf. For such an application, we recommend Pet & Play-55, or even Prestige Play-50 if you have some growing athletes in the house.