Golf Greens and Driving Ranges in Austin, Texas

Having a backyard putting is about as good as it gets.

And with a Grass!365 golf green, you’re getting the best in the game, whether you shoot one-under or one hundred.

Grass!365 has been installing putting greens across the world–yes, the world–for over 20 years, and in Central Texas for over five.

That’s a lot of happy golfers.

Owner Alex Kroviak is an avid golfer himself, and designs and executes every golf green we install, from sketching on paper to test putting with his trusted flatstick. This means a seasoned golfer will be on site throughout your build to make sure every putt is true, and every break is fair.

But this ain’t your granddad’s golf green.

No, this isn’t a rock hard, green carpet installed out back. Our sand-filled system is designed to hold shots from up to 180 yards away. That means when you grab a wedge and want to flip shots at your green, you’ll get a true reaction, with check and spin.

It starts with a properly designed base, then a 5mm impact pad, about 9-lbs of sand per square foot, and then finally, a healthy dose of weighted rolling to get true putts and checking wedges.

It’s a putting green system other companies don’t install, because they can’t install. It takes years of experience to install, a love for golf to perfect, and a dedicated crew to deliver.

Check, check and check.