Ah, yes, the age-old Austin problem. A beautiful old-growth trees overhangs the yard, providing a break from the never-ending heat, and completely eliminates any chance of natural growth.

So we provided a new-age solution.

This beautiful 78704 home’s owners chose Grass!365 to provide a natural look artificial grass solution to their problems. Their side yard features the aforementioned shade issues, while 2 pit bulls had turned the front into a grassless patch with daily sprints along the fence line.

For the back/side, 60-C Synthetic Grass was chosen for its life-proof durability, while our 50 ounce YDA turf was used up front. The YDA area drains like a sink courtesy of our sand-over-gravel installation process, a (to-our-knowledge) technique only Grass!365 employs in Austin. The dogs love the turf of course, and this base is a great option to provide extra fast drainage, especially combined with our DuraFlo Fabric backing that drains 10x the rate of tradition urethane-backed turf.

The dogs, the parents and the youngin’ are all over the moon. Share their feelings and give us a shout today.