The best thing about beautiful Texas Oak trees? The shade they provide.

The worst thing? Also the shade.

Add in two large dogs with plenty of energy, and one South Austin couple found themselves with more dirt than grass in their backyard.

IntelliTurf Artificial Grass to the rescue. We worked with the homeowners to provide a tough, dog-resistant and shade-proof backyard that will withstand the pounding of paws and still give this couple a perfect lawn to enjoy with friends and family. The owners are in the midst of transforming their entire lawn, so we designed a surface to fit their landscaping plans and fit the flow of some beautiful old oak trees’ roots, which is a terrific way to shape turf that doesn’t reach a fence line or other hard edge.

We used our 50 oz. C-Shaped Artificial Grass with Summer Seasoned coloring, a terrific option for pets, as it’s shorter blade makes dog waste clean-up fast and easy.