In 2015, Grass!365 was called upon for a very special project. A local donor, whom had graduated from Austin’s Anderson High School, as had his sons, wanted to give the student body something unique: a completely synthetic area for all to enjoy.

With that, the Grass!365 team got to work laying down thousands of feet, being careful to preserve the beautiful local trees’ habitat, and creating loads of spaces for congregation. Since that time, according to administrators, the lawn areas have been constantly enjoyed by the high schoolers, from the first students to arrive each morning, during multiple lunch and passing periods, and of course, with the end of each day.

The many structural overhangs, multi-story school and the aforementioned forestry do a great jobs of providing shade, but with that, ruined any chance of natural grass growing. This meant, of course, that school year after school, the students were forced to hang out on the dirt and muddy areas underneath. That is, until we took care of things with our 60 ounce C Shape synthetic grass.

So, with this in mind, we made a quick trip up to campus this week to check in on how the turf is holding up. Anderson’s student body clocks in at over 2,200, so needless to say, our turf installation gets put to the test every day.