So you’ve left the suburbs and bought yourself the best view in all of Austin. But you miss the warm feeling of a lush green lawn in lieu of cold and modern. What do you do?

If you’ve made it this far, you already know the answer.

A few months back, we completed a penthouse patio that had a wonderful view of South Congress and Auditorium Shores. This is as good as it gets, we thought. We might have jumped the gun.

Over at 70 Rainey, we gave the most absurd, ridiculous, amazing view of downtown a touch of green with our 60-Wave Turf. But it wasn’t as simple as gluedown and go. Instead, we built out a drainage layer under the turf made of sporting tiles, lifting the grass about 3/4″ off the surface and providing a void for drainage and air flow.

This installation method caused one small issue, however: The door only had about an inch of clearance.

So, we got creative.

A platform was created out of Brazilian Ipe, a gorgeous hardwood that’s strong against moisture feels amazing underfoot. Not only did this solve our issue with door clearance, but it created an amazing “deck” against the grass, visually inviting the homeowners and guests alike to enter the “yard”… 200 feet over street level.