“Our dogs definitely live better lives than we do.”

Two Georgetown, TX, dog-lovers found themselves in a conundrum recently. They had a new home with a custom dog run, complete with a canine entrance to their laundry room and 24/7 dog-watching cameras, and two amazingly friendly pups.

What they didn’t have? A truly usable space.

Their initial thoughts to cover the area in granite gravel was sharp–no mud, easy to clean and great drainage–but the dogs dug and dug, and at the end of the day, didn’t love being on the gravel all that much.

Turf was the solution.

Because the owners had already paid a landscaper to clear the area, grade it and fill it with expensive granite gravel, we at Grass!365 Austin employed a special installation strategy that works perfectly and drains like a tub. With a layer of a special packable sand product, we converted the area without wasting all the work (and money) already spent. Our most-popular product, 60-C synthetic grass, was employed for the surface, and with our DuraFlo Fabric Backing–which drains at nearly 70 gallons a minute–the dogs are in love.

If you have pups you love, our dog-ready synthetic grass is perfect for their pen.